Benefits of a Virtual Popcorn Fundraiser

These financially uncertain times have gravely affected our children, specifically our kids who love sports. One of the primary ways that children’s athletics, sports teams, and cheerleading have been funded has been through independent fundraising. Unfortunately, those fundraising wells have largely dried up due to concerns about safety and vigilance about hygiene. But like so many other great innovations that have come out of the pandemic, we have developed a fundraising technique that will be around for a long time: virtual popcorn fundraising.


Here are the benefits to virtual popcorn fundraising:


  1. Easier Transactions 

Before the pandemic, parents had serious safety concerns about their children walking door to door to sell popcorn and encountering predatory adults or even carrying around large amounts of cash. Especially due to COVID-19 transmission, parents have been extremely hesitant about allowing their children to fundraise in-person. Virtual popcorn fundraising allows children to sell their popcorn in a contact-free format without fear of harmful interactions.  


  1. Easier Transactions


In-person fundraisers typically require cash or check, which, let’s face it, few people carry around these days. But even if the person has cash, the sale will be limited by what is in their wallet. Research has shown that people spend substantially more money when purchasing with a credit card than with cash, and that is great news for your fundraiser!


  1. Less Pressure


We can all recall a negative experience we have had with someone trying to sell their product, and the awkwardness of declining. A virtual popcorn fundraiser will allow you to fund child athletics but not at the expense of personal relationships.


  1. Greater Reach


A virtual fundraiser allows you to reach a much broader audience who will support your product. In-person fundraising is limited to door-to-door sales, family, and co-workers. With the power of social media, you can reach ten times more people, which can translate into ten times more sales.


  1. Faster


Time is our most precious resource. Instead of filling out forms, submitting them to the appropriate people, collecting money, and distributing the products, you can eliminate the need for all that work. Once you set up the fundraiser and share, the popcorn will sell itself. Spend that extra time practicing the sport with your child!

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