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Brochure Fundraising

Brochure Fundraising is traditional in-person popcorn fundraising. Over a 2 week period, collect gourmet popcorn orders using our paper order forms by reaching out to friends, family, neighbors, or even co-workers. A Brochure Fundraiser is a great resource for groups, teams, or anyone that prefers the in-person experience. At the end of your fundraiser you simply tally up the orders, place your consolidated order, and distribute your gourmet popcorn!




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Frequently Asked Questions
The traditional in person fundraising through a brochure approach has been a long running success for many teams and organizations over the years. Its easy to get started doing a traditional brochure fundraiser with us. Just click "GET STARTED" at the top of this page to fill out the brochure request form. Once you complete the simple signup process we will email you the paper brochure form to print and distribute to your team. Have each team member collect orders along with the full dollar amount per order. If you want to accept checks have them made out to you or your organization. Upon the completion of your brochure fundraiser you will tally up the totals for all of the order sheets and place the total order for processing within your profile dashboard. You can access the dashboard "Clicking HERE" or at the top right of the website screen next to the shopping cart. Your order totals cost will only reflect 50% of the total cost, you keep your 50% profits.
If you are doing a in person brochure fundraiser then you will simply keep your half of the funds. When you submit your total final order through your profile dashboard (Dashboard is located at the top right of this page, click the aviator image) you will only pay us our half in order to process the order.

If you are doing a virtual fundraiser, you will receive an email upon the competition of your fundraiser with your fundraiser total sales and payout amount. You will also be asked to verify you payout method, either ACH Direct Deposit or Direct Mail Check (Venmo, Cash App and Pay Pal payouts also available. upon request). ACH payouts will take 1-3 days to deposit and Direct Mail Checks will take up to and sometimes more than 14 days for USPS to deliver.
There are no up front cost or fees. You and your team will pre-sell the popcorn. Collect money as you collect orders. Shipping is the only additional cost. No other fees and no minimums.

Shipping fees are as follows:
Tier 1: 1-50 bags sold - Shipping $25
Tier 2: 51-100 bags sold - Shipping $50
Tier 3: 101+ bags sold - Shipping $75
We make all popcorn fresh to order. So when your fundraiser is complete we make fresh corn just for you. It's bagged and seasoned within 5 minutes so further guarantee freshness. We also have enhanced bagging technology that eliminates oxygen from the packaging to further guarantee and enhance the freshness. Our popcorn is good for 90 days within its sealed packaging.
When your brochure fundraiser is complete you will need to tally up all of your orders and then place the final total order in the ordering widget within your profile dashboard. You can access the dashboard by ""CLICKING HERE" You will need your login USER ID and Password to access the ordering widget. Placing your total order through the ordering widget on your profile dashboard will entitle you to 50% off. You can make payment with a credit, debit or check and you keep your 50% of the profits. Shipping will be calculated during your checkout process. Remember, there are no hidden fees or up front costs.
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