Why Fundraise Virtually

Why Virtually Fundraise? Because, it's an efficient way to collect orders through a digital fundraiser form. It's as easy as sharing your digital fundraiser link with friends, family, and supporters. This is a contact free way of raising funds. Virtual fundraising eliminates the need to go door to door to fundraise, this is quickest way to spread the word and raise money. Get started in as little as 5 minutes!

How to Get Started

Follow these simple steps below to get your virtual popcorn fundraiser started TODAY!

Click "Get Started" above.

Follow the sign up process.

Check your email for your custom fundraiser link.

Share that order form link with friends and family.

Buyers can select "direct shipping" or "free pickup"

50% Profits. Ultra Fast Shipping.

Popcorn Fundraising

Frequently Asked Questions
To get started with a VIRTUAL FUNDRAISER click Get Started at the top of this page. Follow the 5-6 step signup process to access your custom digital ordering form. You can immediately begin selling. This form is dedicated to your orders only. We include a link for real time sales figures so you can keep track of your progress at any time. It is most effective to share the link with friends, family and social media. You can email the link or even text the link. Some teams have success running paid advertisements on social media ads to drive higher amounts of sales. If you have any questions about the virtual fundraising process please contact us via messenger or email and we will be happy to assist.
Yes, this is a great strategy to raise maximum amount of profit. In order to run both you will start by signing up for the virtual fundraiser. Once finished with the virtual fundraiser signup process then navigate to the Brochure Fundraiser page and download a brochure fundraiser form to distribute. You are now ready to do both a virtual and brochure fundraiser.

Once your fundraiser is complete we will automatically tally your totals for the virtual fundraiser. On the other hand you will need to upload your total orders collected from the brochure fundraiser into the dashboard ordering widget so we can add it to your order and payout totals. Not entering your brochure order totals will delay the payout of your fundraiser. To access the profile dashboard ordering widget by "Clicking here"
Virtual fundraising orders will ship within 5-7 days from the completion of your fundraiser date. (You select this date and you can adjust the date at any time, just visit your profile dashboard). In person brochure fundraising orders will also ship 5-7 business days after you place the final total order on your profile dashboard. You can access the dashboard or you can click the button next to the shopping cart on the top right of the screen to access the profile dashboard. Subscriptions orders will ship on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month
If you are doing a in person brochure fundraiser then you will simply keep your half of the funds. When you submit your total final order through your profile dashboard you will only pay us our half in order to process the order. If you are doing a virtual fundraiser, you will receive an email upon the competition of your fundraiser with your fundraiser total sales and payout amount. You will also be asked to verify you payout method, either ACH Direct Deposit or Direct Mail Check. ACH payouts will take 1-3 days to deposit and Direct Mail Checks will take up to and sometimes more than 14 days for USPS to deliver. We also make payouts via CashAPP and Venmo, select these options in your profile dashboard
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