Below are some of the most asked questions about our fundraising process. Hopefully these will answer any questions you may have. If not please send us a message.

Virtual Fundraising

Virtual Fundraiser: We offer customized digital order forms for any fundraising need. You will immediately be given a link after the signup process. You can share this link with friends, family and social media. Copy and paste into a text message and send to anyone. You will also be given a link to view real time sales figures so you can stay on target to reach your goal. You keep 50% of each bag sold with no additional fees. Your buyer can select a direct shipping method on the order form. Direct shipment orders will be shipped out within 1-3 days. . See an example of a digital fundraiser form "Click here".

Brochure Fundraising: We also provide brochure fundraiser order forms to collect orders in person. We can supply this to you through direct download on our "Brochure Fundraising" tab. You can also have the form emailed to you by visiting the same tab. Or you can purchase a fundraising kit from out products page. This kit comes with 3 bags of popcorn and 15 full color front and back brochure order forms.

You can also do BOTH! Yes you can do both virtual fundraiser and a brochure order fundraiser at the same time. Select this option during the Virtual Fundraiser signup process (Visit the Virtual Fundraising Tab).

Subscription Box - Gift yourself or a loved one a monthly box of our gourmet popcorn. Each month when we send your box we will dedicate a portion of your order to our monthly popcorn partner. Access our subscription page by "Clicking here".

Virtual fundraising has been a huge success for us and our fundraising partners in 2020. The onset of COVID-19 presented us a unique opportunity to evolve our business and serve our fundraising partners through a simple, secure and dedicated digital fundraiser platform. We have partnered with JotForm and created custom integrations so you can quickly and easily get started selling our popcorn through your network for profit.

Getting started with a digital fundraiser through is easy. "Click here" to get started and fill out the requested information. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to your custom order page. You can share this link anywhere with anyone. Any purchase made through this link will qualify you for 50% profit on that purchase. Also within your confirmation email you will find a link to a reporting page that shows your sales in real time. Share this link with anyone so they can also view the reporting feature.

Within 5-7 days of completion of your digital fundraiser you will receive a final email with your total sales and profit numbers. You will be directed to setup your payout method. (AHC direct deposit or Direct Mail Check, Venmo and Cash App). You can also adjust your payout method under your profile section. ACH payouts take 1-3 days to deposit and Direct Mail checks are typically received with 10-14 days after you receive your final reporting confirmation email. Venmo and Cash App are instant.
The traditional in person fundraising through a brochure approach has been a long running success for many teams and organizations over the years. Its easy to get started doing a traditional brochure fundraiser with us. Just "Click here" to signup and get started today.

Once you complete the simple signup process we will email you the paper brochure form to print and distribute to your team. Have each team member collect orders along with the full dollar amount per order. If you want to accept checks have them made out to you or your organization. Upon the completion of your brochure fundraiser you will tally up the totals for all of the order sheets and place the total order for processing within your profile dashboard.

You can access the dashboard "Click here" or at the top right of the website screen next to the shopping cart. Your order totals cost will only reflect 50% of the total cost, you keep your 50% profits.

Brochure Fundraising

Both In person brochure fundraisers and virtual fundraisers will receive 50% profit on each bag of popcorn sold. There are no up front fees or hidden costs and you do not have to purchase the popcorn up front. There is a reasonable shipping cost based one the total number of bags sold and will be calculated at checkout.
Shipping fees are based on a volume tier system. Below are the shipping costs for consolidated shipping to one designated location. If you are doing a virtual fundraiser the buyer will have the option to select direct shipping for an additional cost to them. At the closure of the virtual fundraiser we will ship all direct ship orders within 5-7 days of competition of your fundraiser.

Tier 1:
1-50 bags sold - Shipping $25

51-100 bags sold - Shipping $50

Tier 3:
101+ bags sold - Shipping $75
If you are doing the in person brochure fundraiser option then you or a selected recipient will receive all of the popcorn orders. They will be consolidated by flavor so keep a copy of your orders so you can pass out popcorn to the correct buyers!
If you are running a virtual popcorn fundraiser then your buyers have the option to select direct shipping for a small shipping charge. They also have the option for free pickup which will be coordinated through you and denoted on the digital order form.
Virtual fundraising orders will ship within 5-7 days from the completion of your fundraiser date. (You select this date and you can adjust the date at any time, just visit your profile dashboard). In person brochure fundraising orders will also ship 5-7 business days after you place the final total order on your profile dashboard. You can access the dashboard by "Clicking here" or you can click the button next to the shopping cart on the top right of the screen to access the profile dashboard. Subscriptions orders will ship on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month
We make all popcorn fresh to order. So when your fundraiser is complete we make fresh corn just for you. It's bagged and seasoned within 5 minutes so further guarantee freshness. We also have enhanced bagging technology that eliminates oxygen from the packaging to further guarantee and enhance the freshness. Our popcorn is good for 90 days within its sealed packaging.
If you are doing a in person brochure fundraiser then you will simply keep your half of the funds. When you submit your total final order through your profile dashboard you will only pay us our half in order to process the order. If you are doing a virtual fundraiser, you will receive an email upon the competition of your fundraiser with your fundraiser total sales and payout amount. You will also be asked to verify you payout method, either ACH Direct Deposit or Direct Mail Check. ACH payouts will take 1-3 days to deposit and Direct Mail Checks will take up to and sometimes more than 14 days for USPS to deliver.
If your buyer wants to pay with a check they will need to make it payable to you or the organization you are raising the funds for. When you place your final total fundraiser order with us you will only be paying us for our 50%, you will keep your half. Payment can be made with either a credit or debit card. Reminder: you will place your final total fundraiser order through your profile dashboard. This can be accessed at the top right of the screen next to the shopping cart. button.
No problem just shoot us a message via email or through the messenger button at the bottom right of the screen and we will assist you.
You can contact us via email @ or you can reach us through Facebook Messenger by clicking the floating Facebook Messenger symbol at the bottom right of the
Our popcorn is made in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We started as a non traditional retailer / wholesale popcorn company called Fort Smith Popcorn Co. in 2016 and we have grown the business and developed what we think is awesome bold, tasty crunchy oil popped popcorn. This is not air popped corn.
Almost gluten free
We typically offer around 10 gourmet small batch flavors of popcorn. Each order is made fresh to your order so we can guarantee you a great experience eating out popcorn. We use real ingredients with our popcorn. Most flavors are made with sunflower oil and vegetable oil. Our cheese flavors are made with real cheese powder whipped into a liquid blend and then poured onto the popcorn. Our popcorn kernels are sourced from Nebraska and Iowa directly from the farmers fields. This is truly small batch popcorn, this is not automated by a machine but made by hand. We season our popcorn for a bold flavor, this is not your typical air popped popcorn. We have taken the retail grommet popcorn style and put it in a bag. Crunchy, fresh and very flavorful popcorn is what we can offer and it works GREAT for fundraising.
You can access your profile dashboard " Click here" or you can navigate to your profile at the top right of any page on our website, click the human silhouette button next to the shopping cart. If you have not setup a profile yet you can do that at any time.

Your profile dashboard does a few very important things for you in regards to your fundraiser. First thing is we will need to confirm your payout method. This can be done within the dashboard allowing us to get you paid quickly. The second important feature in the dashboard is the secure brochure fundraiser order widget. This will allow you to place your total final order with us at 50% off. You can access the dashboard and brochure fundraiser ordering widget " Click here"
When your brochure fundraiser is complete you will need to tally up all of your orders and then place the final total order in the ordering widget within your profile dashboard. You can access the dashboard " Click here" and will need your login USER ID and Password. Placing your total order through the ordering widget on your dashboard will entitle you to 50% off. You can make payment with a credit or debit card, you keep your 50% of the profits. Shipping will be calculated during your checkout process. Remember, there are no hidden fees or up front costs.
Yes, this is a great strategy to raise maximum amount of profit. In order to run both you will start by signing up for the virtual fundraiser. You can do that " Click here", during the signup process you will be asked if you also want to signup to do a in person brochure fundraiser. If you select YES, then we will automatically email you a copy of the brochure fundraiser form for distribution.

Once your fundraiser is complete we will automatically tally your totals for the virtual fundraiser. On the other hand you will need to upload your total orders collected from the brochure fundraiser into the dashboard ordering widget so we can add it to your order and payout totals. Not entering your brochure order totals will delay the payout of your fundraiser. To access the profile dashboard ordering widget click " Click here"
To get started with a virtual fundraiser "Click here"
To get started with a traditional in person fundraiser click " Click here "
Getting started takes as little as five 5 minutes!
You can fundraise for any cause you like. Some of our most successful group fundraisers were hosted by:
Youth Baseball Teams
Cheerleading Squads
Cub Scout Groups
Humane Society and Animal Support Networks
Local non profit groups. IE: United Way, Salvation Army.
Community funding, trails, parks and community events
Elementary school systems and booster clubs.
Individuals raising money for health or medical bills
COVID-19 funding support by any individual or business
Brochure fundraisers will simply keep their 50% of the profits. We will take payment upon submission of the total fundraiser orders within the profile dashboard.
Yes, we offer a fundraiser starter kit that includes our top 3 selling flavors: Cheddar, Caramel and Spicy White Cheddar. Also included is 15 full color front and back fundraising brochures. The bags of popcorn are full size and will be the size you will be selling during your fundraiser. We also throw a few other small fun items in with this purchase.
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